09:00-10:00 am Guru Puja - morning prayer
10:00-11:00 am practice of rituals
06:00-08:00 pm Ngöndro I - IV

Guru Puja (tib. Lama Chöpa)

Zufluchtsbaum  In Guru Puja one makes mental offerings to the Lama and requests the Lama to bless one's mind. Through offerings and prayers to the three jewels (Buddha, Dharma and Sangha) and to one's own Lama we receive merit in order to progress on the path to enlightenment. Part of the practice is for the purpose of merging one's mind with that of the Lama in order to obtain his blessings and realizations.


Practice of Rituals

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Zufluchtsbaum Puja Taking Refuge in the 3 Juwels means, that one takes the Buddha as teacher, the Dharma as the Teaching and the Sangha (the highest Assembly as well as the sangha of practitioners) as the guiding principle in ones life practice. One takes refuge through a teacher and within a Buddhist community, committing oneself not to harm any sentient beings.


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